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Drulanda Thompson of Broadview, IL

About Drulanda Thompson (Drulanda's biography):

 There is no description for Drulanda Thompson's profile.  If you are Drulanda Thompson of Broadview Illinois and would like to claim your profile, click here to do so by creating a MAEGIC member account.  If you know Drulanda Thompson, please let them know how they can help protect their identity and contribute to economic stability by claiming their profile via MAEGIC!

Drulanda Thompson's activity:

Drulanda Thompson has no activity. If you happen to know Drulanda, please be sure to let them know about their profile here so they can take control of their identity.

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1/16/2014, Nelson M.'s review of Pizza Hut in Broadview (3/10):
"Restaurant Review I forgot about reviewing this place, but this is for a few months back so maybe now there service is worse per Yelp reviewer Priya R. I ordered my pizza for pickup after work through…"

2/3/2013, Dale M.'s review of China Gold Restaurant in Broadview (10/10):
"this china gold restaurant the food is very good and they give you alot for the money.it make be a small place but the food makes up for everything"

3/7/2013, Fredrick G.'s review of Ditrolio Flexographic Institute in Broadview (1/10):
"What a joke! Stay away from this school at all costs. They do NOT help you find a job quickly, it usually takes at least a YEAR. What you learn in the 9 month course, you could learn in 2 weeks via…"

2/24/2013, Cher B.'s review of Home Depot Inc in Broadview (1/10):
"I like Home Depot in general but will not return to this location because of the poor customer service. I was in need of paint to patch up a wall in my bathroom. I brought I small sample from the wall…"